Friday, August 12, 2005

The Scottish Seabird Centre

This side trip was on our last full day in Scotland, before the Tattoo that evening. I was lucky to have had Katherine put up with me on several jaunts, including the London Zoo and this one. We took a short train ride, 30 minutes, tops, to North Berwick, home of the Centre. It was a short walk to the Ferth (Ferth of Forth, the tidal river that runs through Edinburgh), and you could actually see the open ocean as NB is on the very end. The birds were plentiful, but maostly gulls and terns. The big draw is the puffins, and wouldn't you know, they were done breeding and mostly gone. But we did see some floating on the water, and I accidentally captured one in a photo of a flying tern. Good luck spotting it, and I will give a prize to the first person who emails me with the location in the photo!

Tern and puffin UP

Can YOU spot the puffin?

The day we were there, Friday August 5th, they were holding the finals of the Solo UK National Championship & Nations Cup, so there were more boat watchers than bird watchers!

Yacht 8 UP

This is David Lumbard returning. I had a nice chat with his wife Jean, and their lovely Sheltie, as I sat on the wall enjoying the sun and sea air. The wind was very, very brisk that day, and I doubt I would have ventured out on my Sunfish!

This is the lovely sandy beach in the morning, with few visitors, but lovely none the less.

berwick beach UP

And I'll leave you with this image of a young bather delighted in the sun and warm temperatures, which are evidently not all that common....

baby bliss UP


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